At Worldwide Legal Services, we understand that life is full of curveballs. Unforeseen circumstances occur that may cause you to miss a payment or need to renegotiate your loan altogether. That’s why our Loan Modification Department provides one-on-one consulting in order to analyze situations and strategize solutions. We help our clients through various stages of Foreclosure, whether it’s Pre-Foreclosure procedures or an upcoming Sheriff Sale date. But no matter when you come to us, we pledge to help you maintain your home and get back on track responsibly with your mortgage.

Mortgage Services

As an alternative to foreclosure, loan modifications are an effective way to renegotiate the terms of a loan and restructure payments to a more affordable rate. With years of experience working with lenders on behalf of our clients, our team will represent your best interests while striving to achieve the fairest terms of a deal.

For clients approaching foreclosure, our team can help secure opportunities to sell their home in a short sale. We’ll not only work to approve the terms of a sale with your lender, but also advise you throughout the process and diminish the chances of deficiency judgements.

Worldwide Legal Services can help homeowners battle mortgage foreclosures in and out of court. By listening attentively to your situation and responding proactively to new developments, we’ll find the best avenue for saving your home while handling matters like loss mitigation initiatives and bankruptcy procedures.

If a foreclosure action has been filed by a lender or mortgage company and a judgment has been obtained against the property, you may find that your property is put up for public auction at a sheriff sale. Our team works to fight foreclosure and sheriff sale proceedings in order to protect your property to the fullest extent, as well as help you navigate a sheriff sale need be.

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Green Cards and Updated Forms
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