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    Our clients have big dreams. Some want to start a new life by becoming a citizen of the United States. Others wish to enrich their lives as homeowners and business owners by making smart decisions. That’s why they turn to our team at Worldwide Legal Services. When you share your dreams with us, we treat them like our own. We move with you every step of the way by assessing your goals and crafting responsible strategies. That’s why hundreds of clients have let us dream with them: together, we can make it happen.

    Our Mission

    To serve as a vanguard consulting firm for our clients as they work to achieve their personal goals.

    Our Vision

    To create long-lasting, collaborative efforts between our team of consultants and our clients, and to deliver legal, financial, and business advice that keeps pace with our rapidly evolving world.

    Our Strategy

    To listen and respond to our clients’ needs with a meticulous attention to detail, fostering mutual trust and understanding as we tackle the toughest of obstacles.

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    Our Team

    With over 50 years of combined experience, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

    Shirley Maia, CEO

    Shirley has worked for over 20 years in Immigration and Advisory Services, as well as serving previously as an international consultant and immigration activist. At Worldwide Legal Services, Shirley strives to make herself available to clients 24/7, creating strong relationships through clear communication and trilingual fluency in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

    Saul Gefter, Attorney

    Saul has accrued over 30 years of legal experience as an American counsel, specializing in Immigration Law, International Law, and Private Practice in Business Law. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, helping him build long-lasting and reliable interpersonal relationships with clients.

    Christopher London, Attorney

    Christopher has spent a majority of his 30 years in law specializing in business financial advisory services, working on behalf of some of the biggest firms and financial institutions in the country. He received his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his Bachelors in Economics from Boston University. Since 2012, he has utilized his training to help clients efficiently achieve their visions of the American Dream.

    Robert Cusick (Retired Sergeant), Court Record Information Officer

    Robert Cusick has served in law enforcement for over 27 years, working primarily as a Court Record Information Officer in New Jersey. An expert in the ins and outs of courts, Robert aims to help clients navigate difficult circumstances by clarifying law enforcement procedures and how they affect individuals.

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