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Worldwide Legal Services was founded in 2008 on a core belief: every person deserves an equal opportunity, especially when it comes to moving to and living in the United States. As a multifaceted and results-driven consulting firm located in Short Hills, NJ, we assist our clients across a wide range of subjects from immigration, FBI Fingerprints, mortgages to business outsourcing solutions. Most of all, we strive to provide our clients with transparency, clarity, trust, and a sense of security as we navigate their individual concerns.


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You’ll have access to a diverse and multilingual team of international consultants and advisors, all of whom have accumulated a lifetime of professional experience fighting for people’s rights and needs. They’ll work with you around the clock in order to attend to any concerns you may have. That means our team will know you personally, treating you with respect and care. It’s been a priority of ours since day one, and we hope to continue serving Americans of all generations – and those soon to become American citizens – for many years to come.

We assist our clients across a spectrum of subjects from immigration and mortgages to business consultation.

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